FACS NZ Youth Ambassadors

We would like to introduce our first FACS NZ Youth Ambassadors Natasha Astill and Ki Plumley. Here is a short video of them introducing themselves. Follow and like them on Facebook @FACS NZ Youth Ambassadors, Instagram facsnz_youth, Twitter @FACNZ_Youth and YouTube  FACSNZ- Youth Ambassadors


Foetal Valproate Syndrome and teenage behaviour


Sodium Valproate in the news


FACS NZ - Making Change Happen!

FACS NZ are so pleased to announce that all of the hard work that we have pushed for in regards to Sanofi putting warnings on the NZ (and Australia) Epilim boxes has come into fruition. Today one of our mum's who has a child affected picked up her medication and it was on there.

Such a win!





FACS NZ CMI Challenge

Take a look at our challenge to Pharmacists 

FACS NZ CMI Challenge

International FACS Awareness Week 13-17 Feb 2017

We had a hugely successful FACS Awareness week with our UK friends. We have had a lot of information and photos on the FACSNZ Facebook page. Go and check them out. 



Education sessions tour completed. 

Thank you to those who attended the education sessions throughout the North and South Islands. They have been hugely successful and as a direct result from this there have already been further discussions with key parties. If you are wanting to have an education session in your area please contact



Anti-convulsant syndrome awareness


Drug risks to be outlined



Project Team formed for FACS Prevention


Toolkit on the risks of valproate medicines in female patients (Article from the UK)

Campaigner hails new warnings on anti-epilepsy medication

Mum unaware her epilepsy drugs could harm her twins


Trans-Tasman Early Warning System - Alert Communication

Use of sodium valproate (Epilim) in pregnancy

Highlighting foetal syndrome

Medsafe's updated Epilim Data Sheet for Health Care Professionals

Drug Nightmare for Mums

MHRA Article from the UK

Pharmac NZ update discussing the Use of Sodium Valproate in Pregnancy

ACC Case study on Sodium Valproate exposure during pregnancy